Madi Vincent's (18 year old) Kenya Trip 2018 Diary



DAY 1:

oh wow. oh wow. I've only been in the Kenya for a day and a half, but already am so excited to see what God will do this week. I have already heard an abundant amount of stories from the people and how Steve has shown them God's unconditional love. I'm truly blessed to be on this trip with such a faithful, service-loving team. 

Earlier at church, we heard testimonies of the people on Mount Elgon and had the opportunity to pray for them. The women's stories are absolutely moving. I loved the moment when I got to place my hands on them and pray for them. After service I hung out with some local children and finally, at dinner the team sat around the table sharing our own stories. God truly can use the most random people with different stories to make a team to serve. This team honestly is God's puzzle coming together and i got to see that tonight. Thank you bunches for reading!! Update you all tomorrow!


DAY 2:

I got to sleep in today until 7:15 and I woke up with all that jet lag gone and absolutely ready to serve. We had the privilege of visiting Great Mercy school who take in children, provide education, and even provide a living space for some children. We split off into a boys group and a girls group. I couldn't tell you what happened in the boys' discussion, but for the girls--we as a team of 5 girls shared our life stories with about 40 high school aged girls. They were in such shock that life is hard wherever you are in the world. But through that shock they were able to understand that through Christ we have hope. That is the reason we are here- to bring the hope of Jesus Christ. After the school, we traveled on over to a blind woman's home, built by our team member Sam. 

We then sat with 2 of the girls from the Esther House, which takes in girls her are pregnant, have been raped, or really any girl going through a challenging time. They help them get back on their feet and back into school and society. And lastly, we packed lunches for the street boys and passed them out at night. It truly overwhelmed me seeing our people shake hands with the boys and simply give them a sandwich, milk, and a banana. God is moving here--that is all I can say. 


DAY 3: 

So I’m getting used to Kitale. Actually, I just really love it here. I am not much of a cryer, but today at Precious Kids Center, I couldn’t help myself. In my head, I wanted to stop crying, but my tears just kept coming. The children have traumatic experiences of abandonment, but have all found this place to be their home where Sammy loves them. The tears were a mix of sadness of their past and the joy for them that they get to experience raw love. 
After Precious, we went over to Kipsongo. Kipsongo can’t simply be talked about, but has to be experienced. We walked through this community of people that have a legitimately nothing, yet have this joy of having everything. The women are working so hard to provide and are a tangible example of strong women. They are an encouragement to this 18 year old girl.