Harvey Relief


As word of the devastating loss and damage in Houston began to come across the news in the past weeks, so many of my friends started sending me messages; they all said essentially the same thing: 'Steve, I know you are officially retired but what do you recommend we do to respond?'

My first answer is always, 'See what your church is doing and do that.'

But many asked abou networks I had already established for service.

Soon I began hearing from community leaders and personal friends asking if I was going to go and would I take a team.

I have been extremely focused in recent months on helping serve ministries I love and have walked with for dozens of years; ministries such as New Life Church in Kiev, Deliverance Church in Top Station, Kenya, Pilgrim Orphan Center in Mariupol, Teen Challenge in Ukraine, Precious Kids Center for Special Need Kids in Kitale, Holy Cow, and Upwardly Mobile in Tranzoia. 

Folks started donating sacrificially to our 501c-3 called Reaching Beyond Ourselves.

Our all-volunteer non-profit decided we had the wonderful gift of resources here and a lifetime of relationships that give us a Church-based, distribution network that could quickly get the BEST QUALITY relief items to the neediest and hardest hit.

Folks and Friends, the church is and always has been the greatest distribution chain of lasting help in time of crisis. Long after FEMA, the Red Cross, and the First Response Network have moved on to other disasters, THE LOCAL CHURCH remains: I have seen it in action and practice around the world.

As such, the Church based network is what RBO is going to go 'all-in' with, distributing relief and rebuilding supplies to Houston and Haiti and Mexico City through long established networks of proven and street tested church based distribution centers.


Edited by William Tincher