RBO & Hope Road partner on Women's Micro-Finance project


In June 2017, Stephanie Flynn traveled to Kitale, Kenya with Reaching Beyond Ourselves.
She met a group of women living in a local slum called Kipsongo. 

The women she met were overwhelmed by poverty, health issues, personal security, and hopelessness.
Stephanie and her foundation, Hope Road, began a discussion about how micro-finance loans around the world help women's groups rise from poverty. That day Hope Road began a new outreach in Africa.

The first Micro-Finance Group started with a loan of $400 and the women immediately decided on a jewelry business. After taking a month to create a sizable inventory, each decided to sell their jewelry through different venues – one in a hotel, one in a marketplace, the others around the city. Their first interest-free payment was due three months later in the amount of 10%. We’re happy to report that the women have consistently repaid 20% per month and committed 10% to savings. 

A $400 donation to RBO will cover all expenses to sponsor a NEW GROUP of women in their business venture, empowering them and breaking their cycle of poverty! (You can even name your sponsored group after your family or civic group)