Kenya Outreach Becky Wilson Story


I first served with Steve on the mission field in China and that had me hooked on his style of helping others, while telling them about God's love for them.

After China, I went with my sister on one of Steve's mission trips to Kenya. That is where I lost my heart to a country that is so thankful for our friendship and sharing God's love with them. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to meet wonderful people like Sister Freda Robinson, Pastor Emmanuel Long'elech, Jacinta Wangare, Amina (Hannah) Nzamwitakuze, Sammy Hammork, Harmon Parker, and hundreds of others. Not to mention all of the fellow team members I had the privilege of serving with. Each teammate found a place where our hearts found a home. I know my heart found a home while my sister and I built a footbridge in  Korosion with Harmon Parker, from Bridging the Gap Africa. I was so thankful that you allowed the medical teams to go to Korosion a couple of times and there we witnessed Emmanuel Loklim Longelech lead about five hundred people to God's love for them.

Remember during one of those visits to Korosion when the chiefs and parents along with the school master asked us to help them build a new school. You encouraged them to start making bricks and maybe we could help with cement. That was 2008. Fast forward to this year. I finally convinced them to start making bricks. After they had made a bunch of them God allowed me to find out about a grant that Pastor Emmanuel had received from Kapenguria, to help build a school in his region of Pokot. So I urged Korosion to apply for a grant like that too. They did and they built halves of two classrooms. Then they reached out to me and I helped them finish the classrooms, which were put in use in September. What you began in Kenya still continues on! So thank you so much for all the work you started for God. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of that work. Thank you for showing me where I was going to lose my heart and find my home. Love you my friend. Awesome to hear you are going to keep up the good work through RBO. I wish you the best, and success with your new endeavors. I will look for opportunities where I can help you with your continued work. May God give you the strength and resources to continue for a long time.