Make Camp Happen! Send one student to "LIGHT SIDE" camp in Kiev, Ukraine


For $100 dollars you can send one student to camp for a week in Kiev, Ukraine. Give up your Starbucks habit for one month and you can fully sponser a week long experience of encountering God and new friends. New Life Church camps rescue students from a powerful culture of drugs, alcohol, and prostitution. Vika and Andrey are just two of hundreds of success stories where New Life Church camps changed the course of their lives.

Andrey, 17 years old, attended camp 10 days after his father died, making friends and finding encouragement to not despair. 

Vika, 16 years old, was raised by her deaf mother, overcoming challenges in an effort to make a living.  Initially she could not afford camp, but with the help of others she had a life changing experience.