Sister Freda's Medical Clinic




In one of the poorest communities in the Rift Valley of Kenya, Sister Freda Robinson has created a health oasis: a hospital and outpatient care center. The people who come to Sister Freda for help have very few options...Oftentimes they cannot find or afford transport to the Kitale District Hospital. And if they find a way to get there, they are introduced to the painfully broken Kenya healthcare system where there are 4 patients to a bed, very few diagnostic tools, doctors and nurses on strike...and seemingly no one to walk with you towards recovery.

RBO has partnered closely with Sister Freda's Hospital for over 20 years; years before any electricity or lights, or a single source of water was available. We have seen thousands of babies delivered that would not have survived a troubled delivery, in a mud home, by untrained hands.

Your gifts to Freda's work go directly to providing needed medication, tools for surgery and cleanliness, and keeping the surgical unit and the newborn clinic going.   


Upwardly Mobile


Photos by Michael w. abbott


Anyone who has experienced victory over poverty in life can tell you that one of the most important keys is finding mobility. Folks caught up in poverty describe how a lack of mobility keeps certain people from being able to go to school, get to where work is available, bring household supplies home or getting to a hospital or clinic.

RBO has worked for many years to help people who qualify, get small interest-free loans that can be used for simple transport such as boda-boda bicycles, piki-piki motor-bikes, tuk-tuks (3-wheel vehicles), and even 2-wheeled human powered pull carts. We have seen people who began with a simple bicycle, then worked up to a motor-bike, and some have cars today who would have never dreamed it possible.

Your donation to Upwardly Mobile helps break the chains of poverty and it helps folks move forward, and eventually, UP!


Precious Kids Center




Located in Kitale, Kenya, the Precious Kids Center serves children with disabilities to provide the support they need to learn, grow, and reach their full potential. Each child is cared for according to their individual needs. Additionally, PKC works to equip parents and educate the community to be more accepting and supportive of children with disabilities.


Within an environment of love and acceptance, every child in our home receives proper nutrition, clean clothes, and a warm bed. These are simple essentials that many of these children have never experienced before coming live in the House.


When a child is brought into the Center, we do a full check-up with a pediatrician so that we can start effectively treating any illnesses immediately. If a doctor recommends that a child needs a scan or any additional medical tests, we drive about an hour and a half to the closest hospital where those services are provided to ensure that our children are given the utmost care.We provide all kinds of medical care, ranging from treating colds to administering daily epilepsy medication.

We also have a social worker that provides guidance and counseling to many of the children. She provides them with someone safe to talk to and helps them through any past or present challenges that they are facing. Along with our social worker we have a therapist that comes to the house twice a week. He provides physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy exercises.


Holy Cow


photos by michael w. Abbott


In the fall of 2006  Patricia Sawa, from Kitale Kenya, was despondent and depressed-thinking her life was over. Members of her family were infected and affected by the rapidly spreading scourge of HIV and AIDS. Patricia saw no light in her future, not even a ray of hope or coming relief from her anguish.

A team from RBO, upon hearing of Patricia's painful plight, visited her one autumn day and delivered a gift to her a HOLY COW a milk cow “in calf” meaning ready to give birth. It was the first moment in a very long time, that Patricia breathed in HOPE. Just maybe her setbacks in life were reversing course and she was not in this alone.

In the months ahead, the HOLY COW provided hundreds and hundreds of gallons of rich milk that helped pay her children's school fees and helped nourish her children. Through the years, that single gift has produced offspring which grew into more healthy cows and bulls, and helped with more expensive needs and projects. Today Patricia is the founder and director of Discover to Recover, an AIDS outreach organization in Namanjalala, which serves children who have been left alone by the effects of AIDS in their families.

Your gift of $480 purchases a HOLY COW that is ready to deliver, and pays for the proper training and health precautions to be taught to families to ensure income and an exit from poverty.